Plants Vs. Zombies Live at Ayala Center Cebu

August 16, 17 and 18 is a weekend full of fun for kids and and all the members of the  family. Ayala Center Cebu is having the phenomenal PopCap PC Game Plants Vs. Zombies. And It’s a live musical portrayed by  the real characters like The Sunflowers, Walnut, The Pea Shooters, Cherry Bomb and the most awaited Zombies!

The stage was filled with songs and dances as the zombies fight their way to find BRAINS.. The action intensified as the plants fight back to protect themselves from being eaten. I can see how the children reacted, there are some who hide behind their mom’s back. While there are some that looks like this…

But we all have fun. The scary part was only at the start. It’s nice to watch them live on the stage. It’s like watching a PC game but with a twist of reality!

The Screen Door Zombie
Rubber Ducky Zombie

Everyone enjoyed the show!

The Dancer Zombie in Retro Outfit.

5 thoughts on “Plants Vs. Zombies Live at Ayala Center Cebu

  1. It’s is always a fun day being with your family anywhere… Your little girl looks like she is really enjoying seeing that big big smile on her face… 🙂

  2. hahaha, I can see why kids would be scared, trust me, i no longer am a kid, but if i were there, i would probably look so scared, scared but having fun! 🙂 just like your little girl, her smile looks like scared but amused at the same time, haha, she is cute though.

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