Bath & Body works


I received a gift from my sister in law and I love this body mist so much. It’s from Bath & body Works. Twilight Woods Sensual Shimmer body mist has this luxurious scent and has glittering shimmer that leaves your skin glowing. I love wearing it every time we go out and simply having dinner with my family.

Bath & Body Works product line offers the best in lotions, personal care, bath items and contemporary fragrances.  This one I have is one of the top selling lines  The Signature Collection which is composed of body care products that have gained a worldwide following. Bath & Body Works has excelled in quality that’s why I recommend this to everyone who loves lavishing bath products that’s affordable.

At Bath & Body Works the products developed are above par with some of the competing brands in the global market but are priced moderately to appeal to the everyday man and woman. Indulge your senses and pamper yourself with Bath & Body Works products.


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  1. I do love body and bath works like you do, that shimmering hasn’t work out for me though, i don’t know maybe i just don’t like it but i’m sure it does work great for you…

  2. they have very good line of products, soap, lotion, etc, i think once or twice a year, they have huge sales here, and that’s when i would buy a one year supply of lotion, cologne, etc 🙂

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