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Take Off That Excess Weight With Green Coffee!



Green coffee is the same coffee billions of people drink every day. Coffee is brown as we see it in the grocery store, but green in its natural state when it grows on trees. Green coffee is simply a raw coffee before it is roasted into its brown familiar state and turned into liquid coffee that most of us drink every day.
How it works for weight loss? It slows down the body’s speed of turning sugar into fats. It’s the natural Chlorogenic acid in green coffee together with caffeine that promotes weight loss and curbs appetite.  Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant that will rid your body of free radicals and promote good health. Thus making the consumption of green coffee an effective weight loss product. But of course you can’t eat the raw beans, take it in capsule or in tablet form.
For more information about how effective Green coffee is and on how to order your Green coffee weight loss supplements, visit



Avon Celebrates 35th Year!



Avon is celebrating its 35th year here in the Philippines. And one of the highlights of this event is the year’s first FD (franchise dealers) day. The event started at 2 PM at the Avon Arcade here in Capitol site, Cebu City.
I’ve been with Avon just 6 months ago, and this event really excites me for I haven’t got the chance to be on one of their events since I started being an FD. The first part is a short  trivia about how to make more sales and how to grab more customers. Strategies on how to gain regular patronizers on showing and recommending  the right products according to their skin types and needs. In short, FDs should not only focus on how to make money out of the products that she sells, but being able to assist customers with anything. In that way, when they’re satisfied with the service, they will surely come back for more.
An event will not be complete fun and games, right? The games came with much laughters smiles. They have this game called The line bridge. Participants were instructed to have  2 groups consisting of 10 persons and asked stay on one straight line and as the host asks something like, “arrange yourselves from the long hair to short!” That’s when the screaming and laughter begins. I was one of the participants of the 2nd group and we won in that game. Many  won a prize in the “bring me game” too! And The Price, yes.. An Avon product. 🙂 All the participants of this event get to win lots of Avon products. No one left empty handed. We really had a blast today. And I say, It feels good to be an Avon Lady!

And as part of the 35th year anniversary, great sale and discounts is up for grabs this whole month of January. So if your an Avon patronizer, call your avon lady today for a brochure and experience good quality skin care, make up, intimate apparels and more products for an affordable price that only Avon can offer.

Dermplus Sunblock Your Day


As a full time home maker, part of my day routine is to go out and send my daughter to school everyday. As we all know, sun exposure can lead to a lot of skin problems in the long run. In my part, I never go out without wearing my sunblock. Let me share with you the importance of sunblock and how we can benefit from using it.
Did you know that Sunblock is different Sunscreen? Sunblock as the name implies, reflects ultraviolet (UV) rays and blocks them from penetrating your skin. Sunscreen on the other hand, prevents sunburn by absorbing the sun’s rays.. In my case I use Sunblock because I think It’s more effective.  The main benefit of sunblock is preventing Ultraviolet Rays from penetrating the skin. This is important in preventing burns and blistering. It can help minimize the aging effects to the skin which includes wrinkles and lines. And sometimes it can also cause uneven skin tone especially in our forehead and on the arms. And the worst, it can cause dark spots on the face and skin cancer which I don’t want to have!

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Many sun protection products rave about their high SPFs of 50, 70 and 80. But is it really necessary to go that high? Of course any protection is better than no protection, but know the SPF facts before you decide.To prevent premature aging, skin cancer, or sun damaged skin (for example melasma or dark spots) even a sun block of SPF 5 is better than nothing, but dermatologists recommend a product with full-spectrum coverage with at least an SPF of 15.

The one I use everyday is Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock. It  has SPF 35, I apply just the right amount on my face, neck and all other exposed parts of my skin. And reapply especially when I spend long hours under the sun. Dermplus has wide variety of SPF for you to choose. They also have Sunblock for kids, scented and unscented variety. And the latest product that has SPF 80.

You can choose from different SPFs. Just be sure to reapply because no matter how high the SPF, sunblock and sunscreen usually last only for two hours. So sunblock your day, everyone! 🙂

Bath & Body works


I received a gift from my sister in law and I love this body mist so much. It’s from Bath & body Works. Twilight Woods Sensual Shimmer body mist has this luxurious scent and has glittering shimmer that leaves your skin glowing. I love wearing it every time we go out and simply having dinner with my family.

Bath & Body Works product line offers the best in lotions, personal care, bath items and contemporary fragrances.  This one I have is one of the top selling lines  The Signature Collection which is composed of body care products that have gained a worldwide following. Bath & Body Works has excelled in quality that’s why I recommend this to everyone who loves lavishing bath products that’s affordable.

At Bath & Body Works the products developed are above par with some of the competing brands in the global market but are priced moderately to appeal to the everyday man and woman. Indulge your senses and pamper yourself with Bath & Body Works products.

Jolibee Coffee Float, an affordable endulgence!


Who says you can’t have a great cup of gourmet coffee in a fast food? I recently uncovered something wonderful in Jollibee. That’s their Coffee Float. Creamy vanilla soft serve on top of delightfully smooth iced coffee. It’s great for those people who wants to add creaminess and a better caffeine kick to jump start their day. It’s also cool for summer, since our country is scorching hot during these days.

I used to buy coffee in shops that’s a bit pricey, but thank heavens for this drink. It’s an affordable indulgence for only 45 pesos! I can have 2 or 3 servings of this coffee for the same price of those pricey coffees in the shop! It saves you money while enjoying a creamy coffee sip.

So, if you want great coffee experience and at the same time trying to save, or even just want to feel cool anytime. I highly recommend this Jollibee Coffee Float for you. It will surely lift your spirit!

Ang Lechon Manok Ni Sr. Pedro


Family gatherings won’t be complete without Ang Lechon Manok Ni Sr. Pedro. For us, It’s the number one because of its unique taste. The flavors and spices penetrate deep within the skin and even though the bones! And it’s juicy too.

For many years, this Lechon manok has been our favorite when it comes to gatherings and events. During our company’s summer outings, birthday celebrations, Fiestas and even with just a simple dinner. This is definitely the best lechon manok in town.

A new branch has opened near our house, and I’m so amazed! Not only on weekdays, but also during weekends and paydays, people really lined up for this Lechon. Not just a single line but two! This is proof that Ang Lechon Manok Ni Sr. Pedro is well loved by the Cebuanos. ” Once Tasted, Always wanted”. Now I understand What their motto is all about.

Have you ever tried Ang Lechon Manok Ni Sr. Pedro? Go ahead, Suit yourself and your family.




Plants Vs. Zombies Live at Ayala Center Cebu


August 16, 17 and 18 is a weekend full of fun for kids and and all the members of the  family. Ayala Center Cebu is having the phenomenal PopCap PC Game Plants Vs. Zombies. And It’s a live musical portrayed by  the real characters like The Sunflowers, Walnut, The Pea Shooters, Cherry Bomb and the most awaited Zombies!

The stage was filled with songs and dances as the zombies fight their way to find BRAINS.. The action intensified as the plants fight back to protect themselves from being eaten. I can see how the children reacted, there are some who hide behind their mom’s back. While there are some that looks like this…

But we all have fun. The scary part was only at the start. It’s nice to watch them live on the stage. It’s like watching a PC game but with a twist of reality!

The Screen Door Zombie

Rubber Ducky Zombie

Everyone enjoyed the show!

The Dancer Zombie in Retro Outfit.