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Jolibee Coffee Float, an affordable endulgence!


Who says you can’t have a great cup of gourmet coffee in a fast food? I recently uncovered something wonderful in Jollibee. That’s their Coffee Float. Creamy vanilla soft serve on top of delightfully smooth iced coffee. It’s great for those people who wants to add creaminess and a better caffeine kick to jump start their day. It’s also cool for summer, since our country is scorching hot during these days.

I used to buy coffee in shops that’s a bit pricey, but thank heavens for this drink. It’s an affordable indulgence for only 45 pesos! I can have 2 or 3 servings of this coffee for the same price of those pricey coffees in the shop! It saves you money while enjoying a creamy coffee sip.

So, if you want great coffee experience and at the same time trying to save, or even just want to feel cool anytime. I highly recommend this Jollibee Coffee Float for you. It will surely lift your spirit!


Ang Lechon Manok Ni Sr. Pedro


Family gatherings won’t be complete without Ang Lechon Manok Ni Sr. Pedro. For us, It’s the number one because of its unique taste. The flavors and spices penetrate deep within the skin and even though the bones! And it’s juicy too.

For many years, this Lechon manok has been our favorite when it comes to gatherings and events. During our company’s summer outings, birthday celebrations, Fiestas and even with just a simple dinner. This is definitely the best lechon manok in town.

A new branch has opened near our house, and I’m so amazed! Not only on weekdays, but also during weekends and paydays, people really lined up for this Lechon. Not just a single line but two! This is proof that Ang Lechon Manok Ni Sr. Pedro is well loved by the Cebuanos. ” Once Tasted, Always wanted”. Now I understand What their motto is all about.

Have you ever tried Ang Lechon Manok Ni Sr. Pedro? Go ahead, Suit yourself and your family.