Dermplus Sunblock Your Day

As a full time home maker, part of my day routine is to go out and send my daughter to school everyday. As we all know, sun exposure can lead to a lot of skin problems in the long run. In my part, I never go out without wearing my sunblock. Let me share with you the importance of sunblock and how we can benefit from using it.
Did you know that Sunblock is different Sunscreen? Sunblock as the name implies, reflects ultraviolet (UV) rays and blocks them from penetrating your skin. Sunscreen on the other hand, prevents sunburn by absorbing the sun’s rays.. In my case I use Sunblock because I think It’s more effective.  The main benefit of sunblock is preventing Ultraviolet Rays from penetrating the skin. This is important in preventing burns and blistering. It can help minimize the aging effects to the skin which includes wrinkles and lines. And sometimes it can also cause uneven skin tone especially in our forehead and on the arms. And the worst, it can cause dark spots on the face and skin cancer which I don’t want to have!

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Many sun protection products rave about their high SPFs of 50, 70 and 80. But is it really necessary to go that high? Of course any protection is better than no protection, but know the SPF facts before you decide.To prevent premature aging, skin cancer, or sun damaged skin (for example melasma or dark spots) even a sun block of SPF 5 is better than nothing, but dermatologists recommend a product with full-spectrum coverage with at least an SPF of 15.

The one I use everyday is Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock. It  has SPF 35, I apply just the right amount on my face, neck and all other exposed parts of my skin. And reapply especially when I spend long hours under the sun. Dermplus has wide variety of SPF for you to choose. They also have Sunblock for kids, scented and unscented variety. And the latest product that has SPF 80.

You can choose from different SPFs. Just be sure to reapply because no matter how high the SPF, sunblock and sunscreen usually last only for two hours. So sunblock your day, everyone! 🙂